Assertion failed1


Please, find the attached screen shots.
I feel helpless, so many errors messages and no valuable info despite all net searches upon this event.
Besides this, after nurning the CD, then I see that CD/DVD player shows no saved title; it shown only the track.
Please, advise.
Thank you very much / @B.
Screenshot from 2017-01-04 00-03-19.png
Screenshot from 2017-01-04 00-02-01.png
Screenshot from 2017-01-04 00-01-01.png
Screenshot from 2017-01-04 00-00-37.png

It sounds like a known bug, related to the Metadata edior. It has now been fixed and the fix will be in the next Audacity release.

If you mean that you have made a CD and your CD player is showing track numbers but no track text, then I believe that is normal for a standard CD-R. The text displayed when playing commercial CDs is not part of the original Red Book standard. You probably need to add CD-Text (an extension of the Red Book standard). Look in the manual for your CD burner for instructions for adding CD-Text.

Hello Steve,

  1. Awaiting for the next release of Audacity.
  2. I will also access the sent link for the CD Text and also the documentation for the Brasero burner.
    I will check if my CD player is may use the CD Text feature.

Thank you very much for your fast and prompt information
Have a nice day,

I don’t think Brasero has settings for CD-Text, but I think it “should” write CD-Text provided:

  1. Write the disk in DAO (disk at once) mode. I think this is required for CD-Text with any software.
    The CD drive (hardware) must have built-in support for both DAO and CD-Text. (Some drives do, some don’t)

  2. Use EasyTAG to add metadata to the files. This is a very good metadata editor for Linux (and Windows):
    This may also allow you to work around the “assert” problem in Audacity. If you use EasyTAG then you can turn off the Metadata Editor in Audacity, and hopefully that will bypass the assert bug. (See “Show Metadata Editor prior to export step” and disable that option).

If you still can’t get CD-Text to work, but your CD drive support CD-Text, then try K3B. (K3B worked for me :wink:)

Hello Steve,

I tried k3b, but I had no results according to my expectations, I ought to be ashamed, I may be missing something.
Then, I have said to myself that within Terminal - using Linux resources - I would get a straight solution, please notice the attached history.txt file.
It seems that my burning drive from my computer is complying with CD-Text feature, please, check and let me know.
Despite my efforts, the files were burned as Track01, Track02,…, not any names on the CD files, as Brasero did before.
My player is HDMI909 and I have not found any reference for CD-Text support.
Please, let me know where am I wrong.
Thank you very much for your work.
history.txt (5.8 KB)

I’m no expert with CD burning software, but it looks to me like K3B has written the CD-Text.
If you put the CD into your computer, do any media players see the CD-Text?

Does your HDMI909 show text for any CDs? If so, what sort of CDs show text?

Hi Steve,

Yes, but only for MP3, I used VLC; the VLC it shows the original cover which is taken from the Internet, I guess.

Yes, but only from the USB port of HDMI909, only for MP3. It seems that EasyTag is does only for MP3. Besides that, if title text fo song is too long,then it is truncated (due some limitation of HDMI909), but on VLC, it shows Ok.

Remark: it seems that I will have to wait for the next release of Audacity. Editing metadata for wav files seems out of question the time being.
Q: Is it a an estimated date for publishing the new release of Audacity?
Please, advice.

Thank you very much,

Do you mean because of the assertion? 2.1.3 will have the same support for WAV metadata as 2.1.2:

We’ve been struggling with a problem on Mac Sierra which has held the release up. If there are no more major problems there could be a 2.1.3 in a few weeks but you won’t get it in Ubuntu 16.04 via standard Ubuntu sources.

You could compile Audacity yourself from latest 2.1.3-alpha sources Second best, you could uninstall 2.1.2 and try this PPA of 2.1.3-alpha which you don’t have to compile. Ignore the “2.1.2+” numbering. It is fairly stable at the moment if it is built with a late enough gcc, which I don’t know. If it isn’t so built, it will crash saving projects. If you build Audacity yourself you should, being on Ubuntu 16.04, already have a suitable gcc.

There are probably still some other assertion errors in our developement code because Linux builds of Audacity are allowed to show assertion errors.

Don’t go on updating that PPA after 2.1.3 release because after 2.1.3 release, the alpha builds will become unstable again as new features are added and fixes for bugs attempted.


Hello Gale,

I uninstalled the 2.1.2 and installed the 2.1.3 alpha which works much better, regarding tags.
For mp3 type it works, for the updated tags, but mp3 seem to lack some quality, comparing to wav.
For wav, I used additionally the kid3-qt in order to add the Artist information field within the wav file.
I guess that I will go back to the published 2.1.2 release, use kid3 for tag info and play within vlc and think about to look for for the future for an external hw / sw player that may fully recognize tags for wav and show tags, if possible.
I think that for the moment that this is fair enough and I shall be waiting for the next officially published of Audacity that may cover most of the bugs.
Thank you very much for your work and this case may be closed.
Have a good time,

Just to be clear, 2.1.3 won’t have the assertion error using Audacity’s Metadata Editor, but our actual support for tags will be unchanged.

Audacity already writes the “Artist” tag in WAV files, once as LIST INFO (IART) and once as ID3 (TPE1).

Yes MP3 is a lossy file format, and WAV is lossless. But many people can’t sense much or any loss in 320 kbps CBR MP3 (“Insane” preset).