Assert in FFmpegLibs::InitLibs

This is been around for a while, is it just me or do other folks see it when running under the debugger (I am not testing the wxWidgets 3 configuration). In srcFFmpeg.cpp at or near line number 849, in the function:
bool FFmpegLibs::InitLibs(wxString libpath_format, bool WXUNUSED(showerr))

      wxLogMessage(wxT("Actual avutil path %s"),

causes an assertion failure:
Since this debugging code has languished for many months, does it make any sense to comment out these debugging messages:
to suppress the assert?

Ed, are you saying this assert occurs even if FFmpeg is correctly installed (F,C,U numbers are visible in Libraries Preferences)?


No, it only happens if you’re trying to use Audacity without/before installing (the optional) FFmpeg library. Given that “without” & “before” are certain to happen (especially for newbies), this code silently blows up in the Release configuration and that this is unnecessary (and probably superfluous now) debugging code - I contend that it should be removed.