Assembling Recovered Tracks [SOLVED]

Version 2.0.5. Audacity, Windows 7, Zip File

I accidentally deleted an Audacity project, but managed to recover all of the au. files with a data recovery program. I have imported all these recovered au. files (hundreds of them) onto one project, resulting hundreds of stereo tracks six seconds long all playing simultaneously. Is there an easy way I can either return these tracks to the positions they used to be in, or assemble them manually?

  1. Have they retained their file creation time?
  2. Was the project an unedited recording, or had you done any editing/processing?

It depends what you mean by “easy”. Were you able to recover the AUP file? If so, try opening the AUP file, but note that the AUP expects the original naming and location of the AU files, which the recovery software may not respect when it recovers them.

Otherwise, see Missing features - Audacity Support .


In other words, as it says on you won’t be able to recover an edited project properly.


The project was, sadly, edited. Quite extensively. I didn’t manage to recover the AUP file, though all the AU files retained their creation time.

Once the AU files have been updated for editing, so that their timestamp order no longer reflects their order in the project, you can’t recover the project properly.

If the AUP could not be found, it may be worth trying another recovery software. Recovery is not an exact science. But if the AUP was corrupted beyond repair, you can assume that to be true.


I took your advice and tried to recover the AUP file. It took a while, but it worked! The project was in more or less one piece, with a few tracks in need of re-positioning. But everything was intact! Much appreciated, thanks very much!