ASIO and Audacity 1.3.11-alpha

Hope this is the right spot to post this question…

I’ve downloaded and compiled Audacity 1.3.11-alpha with the Steinberg ASIO SDK. I have a Windows XP system with an M-Audio Delta 1010 (8 channel recorder).

Audacity will load and run fine. I can record multiple channels and playback the results.

The problem is with software playthrough while recording. Two channels works fine. Anything more gives strange results. Basically, only right channel is heard. Audio on left channel is not heard. Left channel meter does not respond either.

I’m pretty confident my hardware is configured okay because I’ve used it successfully with Sonar.

My questions are:

  1. Anybody else run across this and, if so, how’d you fix it?
  2. If no one has come across this, could someone point me towards the source code that might be affected?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!