ART Dual Pro problem

Hello everybody, first of all please forgive my english, it’s a little rusty, I hope someone can help me with my problem.
I just bought a USB ART Dual Pro interface, I have a Laptop with win7, windows installed it and recongnizes it as USB Audio CODEC, but when I try to play something, I just hear a buzz (I don’t know how to translate the word) but you can see the volume indicator moving.
The other problem is the mic, I can hear it on the headphones but windows just doesn’t get anything, it recognizes it as usb audio codec too, but i cant record anyrhing.

You get the red sound meters moving and they jump when you talk? Or they just jump all the time whether you talk or not?

You can make the sound meters much bigger like the picture by clicking on one edge and dragging them bigger.


Sometimes we tell people to try the Windows Sound Recorder instead of Audacity to locate the problem. If you get any voice recording at all, then it’s probably an Audacity problem.

Windows Sound Recorder
– Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment


I suppose you’re talking about the ART USB Dual Pre (and not “Pro”, which doesn’t exist), which is a mic preamp with usb interface.

Which mic are you using? How do you connect it to the preamp? Does it need phantom power? If so you’ll have to push down the phantom power button on the back. Even if you use only one mic (that requires phantom power) I’d suggest pushing both buttons down, to make sure the right one is active.

There’s one knob on the back to control the monitor level. I’m not sure yet if that has any influence on the sound going through the usb, but try to rotate it to the side that says “preamp” (as opposed to “computer”).