arrows don't work!

The instructions in the manual say that I can move about in the file using the arrows, but mine have no effect on the screen. I am trying to remove a very small piece of audio, but cannot be precise with the pointer if I cannot move the timeline precisely with the arrows. Ideas? Thanks!

You can select very tiny clips by drag-selecting a portion of the show and zooming in to it with Control-E. If the portion is too big to get on the screen at once, then you can set beginning and end labels and the labels become sticky when you zoom back out, making it easy to select it when you can’t actually see the edit points.

I like to turn off automatic screen update when I’m editing to prevent Audacity from grabbing the timeline away from me when the cursor reaches the end.

Edit > Preferences > Tracks [_] Update Display (de-select).

Audacity does not have scanning or scrubbing. Only play and stop. You can click in the ruler line along the top of the timeline and Audacity will start playing at that point.

You can also change the play speed with the change tool above the timeline, but it won’t go backwards.

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 1.58.40 PM.png

It does have Play/Stop and Set Cursor though (SHIFT + A shortcut).

I suspect the arrow keys do work but they behave differently according to whether you are playing audio or have pressed the yellow Stop button.

The arrow keys do not work when paused (blue button).

There are lots of tips here you may find useful:
Missing features - Audacity Support .


Also: You can make longer jumps while play back is on with shift-comma (backwards) and shift-dot (forward) or shift+ arrow keys.
you can set the amount of the jump in preferences.