Arrow keys fail to nudge cursor

I’m new as I try to upgrade form Garageband for editing voice overs & FX. Please help!

Why can’t I scroll, nudge or precisely adjust cursor position?

I’ve exhaustively read all posts here and beyond - tried changing prefs file etc.

MacBook Pro early 2009 with upgraded SSD - 8gb Ram - 3.0GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo. (hope to update soon!)
OS X: 10.11.6
wireless keyboard & magic mouse
24" LED Cinema Screen (However: symptoms no different when all peripherals disconnected)

Reluctantly might have to return to GB as I’ve now wasted hours seeking a solution.

Thank you in anticipation

Sorry! Addition to above query:

I’m using Audacity 2.0.2

Wow - 2.0.2. That’s six years old now. I strongly recommend updating to the latest version here.

But even back in 2.0.2, the left and right arrow keys would move the cursor one pixel. Zoom in for finer adjustments.

Then there is the selection toolbar.

Also, have a look at this page in the manual.

– Bill

Thank you for these helpful pointers - appreciate your time;

  1. 2.0.2 seems to be latest I can download. I did feel this was a bit odd. However, the Audacity download page explains that they are behind on Mac updates and given the age of my system perhaps thats all my raging Mac can cope with.

  2. The finer adjustments / zoom was really useful. I have now got control! The manual pages I already have, thank you. I do think they might be worded a little differently but hey: thats me nit picking!

  3. Obviously I’m a real rookie here, so take this with a pinch of salt: My early impressions are that while Audacity is obviously endowed with huge facilities it feels lumpy to use compared with Garageband and even Logic Pro (tho again my LP experience is limited to a friends outfit on his studio system). It’s taking me ages to do anything at present, but I want to master it because of the features I need now, such as easy split of stereo into separate mono tracks, quick export of individual regions etc.

Thanks again

Where are you looking? The official Audacity website download page always has the latest version for Mac, which is currently Audacity 2.2.2

Audacity is cross-platform, open source software, developed by volunteer enthusiasts, and is completely free

Logic Pro is Mac only, restricted software, developed by a multi-million dollar corporation, and costs $199 (you don’t own it, you just buy a license to use it).

Garage band is Mac only, restricted software, developed by a multi-million dollar corporation,is free when you pay over $1000 on a Mac (you don’t own it, you just buy a license to use it).

I was talking to a music professional last night, who told me that he uses Logic Pro for mixing and effects, but uses Audacity for editing because it is quicker, easier, and more accurate. There no reason why you have to restrict yourself to just one program.