Are Yosemite problems strict or will they be solved in futur


does it have to to with certain Yosemite inherent stuff, that would mean to rewrite Audacity, in order to get everything working proper or is this something the programmers of audacity will completely solve in mid term?


As I understand it, the known problems have to do with an inability of Audacity to use the Apple filters. On Macs, the filter list includes a bunch of AU This and AU That custom Apple filters. That stopped dead in Yosemite.

It’s possible there were other shortcomings as well, but that’s the main one.

Macs as a fuzzy group have odd problems as of the last two or three Apple versions when Apple decided to increase portable computer efficiency. Unfortunately, they did it by shutting down large portions of the system when it was perceived they weren’t being used. They were. Audacity hates that.

And etc.

We can’t wait. Many of us put off the Yosemite upgrade because Audacity wasn’t the only software package that turned to peanut butter during the upgrade.


The Alpha version of Audacity (2.1) that I downloaded to try with Yosemite a few weeks ago is working just fine–if I ignore the restart notices after the unexpected quit. There is no data lost, and it only happens when I go to rewake a file that I’d been working on after a couple of hours of inactivity. I always save before that break…and the file that I reopen looks just like what I’d saved.
Thanks for the program and the forum!!

Are you putting the computer to sleep or leaving it running and does it then sleep anyway?

Do any apps other than Audacity have this problem?


Mac airbook (or is it Macbook air?)–close the cover and that puts it to sleep. That’s what I’m doing. And no other programs seem to be affected by it. (But then, Audacity is usually the only program that I’m using–other than Preview, Chrome, WiFiSync, and Word.)

I got a brand new Macbook Air last fall and almost jumped into Yosemite, but I desperately need Audacity for my podcast. That’s the only thing holding me back (I love/need the program that much!).

2.1.0 should be released soon. Subscribe at the bottom of to our announcements then you will be e-mailed when there are new releases.


Thanks for all the answers. (I don’t get “new post” alerts, will have to check my User CP. Hence and because I was sick, I didn’t answer for so long)

In the meantime I decided to keep 10.9.5 on my Intel-Mac and I just a few minutes ago downloaded Audiacity 2.1 (had used 2.0.3 on my PPC under 10.4 for some time). I felt Yosemite to not be that good, without even trying Audacity. I hope the combo 10.9 + 2.1 will work out fine for me.

Wise thing to do, IMHO. Mavericks is a lot stabler for audio.

I’m on 10.9.5 and for me, in a week’s testing, Audacity 2.1.0 has been 100 % stable. No issues with sleep or any other thing. I even used Marcel Bresink’s CPU tool to load my core2duo to full CPU while recording. Outstanding.

I did disable a couple of Apple’s sharing kernel extensions. Don’t care 'bout the cloud…

Recorded 8 channels while playing four for about two hours. No problem.