are they compatable....

i have goldwave audacity and now ive added nero…are they compatable with each other?thanks


It’s possible that you could problems if you try to run GoldWave and Audacity at the same time, but other than that you should be OK.
I have a computer with Nero and Audacity and there’s no problem there.

thanks steve

I routinely use Audacity and Goldwave at the same time. Just now a test showed that I could play files simultaneously on both, and also (with overdub ON in Audacity and recording input set to Stereo Mix) I could record the simultaneous playing. The sound quality wasn’t very good, I think because I didn’t take time to get the levels set so that there was no clipping anywhere.

I have two sound cards, one on the motherboard, and a SoundBlaster Audigy. Theoretically, I could have two mics, one plugged into each card, and record a left track from one sound card and a right track from the other. Or make each recording mono, and then use Audacity to combine them into a stereo performance.