Are there users of iZotope RX 4 ?

Hello folks,

I just joined in. New Year, new skill…

My job (software development) has nothing to do with audio. For me, this knowledge qualifies more as a hobby than anything else.

A couple of days ago, I acquired iZotope RX 4 (regular version, $350). Then, yesterday, I discovered Audacity. I guess the question is: how can we RX users interchange tips, etc.?

I noticed that there is no user forum in the iZotope website (hey, their loss :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards and TIA


As you see this is the Audacity Forum. In my personal opinion this is not the place to discuss anything to do with other commercial audio software, except possibly how it works in Audacity.

I have RX 3 and Ozone 6 which were provided by iZotope for testing. I have no real interest or motivation to use them otherwise.

This looks like a possible place where you could ask if they will start an iZotope Forum: They have forums for other pro/expensive audio software.


[Newbie alert: I have been in this discipline for less than 2 weeks!]

Thanks for your kind assistance, Gale:

My goal is to become an expert in NR.

(1) First, as an interactive user (with Audacity, Audition, Sound Cleaner II, iZotope RX4 or whatever tool I can find out there - I gather that professionals have a veritable Swiss army knife of applications -or rather: arsenal, at their disposal.)

That would be a steeping stone to …

(2) Programmatically, writing my own functions, plugins, etc. [this is the real cool part, only possible with Audacity]

I have found the visual erasing technique (invented by Adobe Audition, cloned by RX-4, see image) invaluable, for Stage (1) above, specially for the type of NR (really noisy) in which I am interested.

I assume that those “brush operations”, Photoshop-style, have some sort of equivalent Audacity functions? I am guessing that they are under the “Effect” menu?

Let’s say that I am past the Audacity “Noise Reduction” menu item in which I provided a Noise Profile. Assume further that I have been veeeery careful not to overdo it and the dreaded “wine glass” is absent but undesirable noises are still present.

What would be my next step, with Audacity?



There is no “one size fits all” answer. It depends what sort of noise you are needing to remove. For example, if you need to remove sub-sonic rumble you would probably use a high pass filter (though usually best to apply that before noise reduction effects). If there were a constant high pitch whistle, then you may be able to deal with it using a notch filter. If there is heavy clipping noise, then you can forget about audio restoration - you can’t put back what’s not there. If there are clicks and crackles, then again it is likely to be better to deal with those first.

See this article about removing noise: Missing features - Audacity Support

No real equivalent in 2.0.6 except for Notch Filter applied to all frequencies in a time selection.

In the next 2.1.0 release you will be able to make a rectangular spectral selection and use spectral edit tools in the Effect menu to filter that spectral selection. Freeform-shaped spectral selections may come later.