Are there some method to export m4a in a chain?

Hi, I’m in need.

I want to export M4A with many fails in a Chain.

I use 2.1.0 version of Audacity.

For now, it doesn’t seem to have the function to do that.

Does anyone know the way to do that?

Audacity cannot currently do that, but you could export as WAV, then use another program (such as iTunes) to convert the WAV files to M4a.

Thanks, Steve.

If we convert from WAV to M4A, does the file’s quality decrease?

I haven’t done that before.

file’s quality decrease?

M4A is a compressed format, so yes.

Yes, but no more than exporting directly from Audacity as MP4 (in fact, probably better quality converting in iTunes as iTunes is said to have one of the best MP4 encoders).

Thanks all ! !!!

I was able to get M4A ideally!!