Are there fixes for Yosemite in 2.0.7 alpha?

I don’t use Mac, but I heard anecdotally on this facebook board that I manage that somebody tried using 2.0.6 on Yosemite, and came to grief with frequent crashes. But with a recent nightly build, there was no problem. Is this just some luck that will not hold out?

I am not allowed to see the posts without joining the group so I sent a request. Will you allow someone on Audacity Team to join you as an admin?

No idea - I don’t know what the complaints are about. Did you ask the user for steps to reproduce the crash and a Mac crash report?

Either way, you can certainly tell your group that Audacity does not officially support Yosemite yet.


If there was anything done specifically for it in alpha, I thought you would know, Gale. I did not notice any such discussion at the developers’ board but I don’t read everything.

There is no fixing for Yosemite being done yet that I know of. I made that point on your Facebook group to Andi and told her where she might be able to find the Audacity crash report.


My thanks for your prompt help!

Hi Gale, thanks for letting me know how to find the crash report. It’s pretty long so I don’t want to just post the whole thing - is there a section of it that usually holds the key information?

I disabled the Izotope plug-ins but it happened again this morning, and yes there is a pattern. I record a file, save it, export it, and then just after I open a new file to start the next chapter, It crashes. This isn’t the only time it happens, but it’s the most frequent time for it to happen.

The good news is that it prompts me to reopen and I haven’t lost any files, and after I restart Audacity I’m usually able to finish that session.

If you let me know what information to share in order to see what the deal is, I’ll do that.


It’s better to attach it all, just in case. Please see here for how to attach files: .

Otherwise you can look for “Crashed Thread” and a number near the top. Then find that thread in the report.

I don’t know your usual workflow yet.

Before importing the new file, do you File > Close to close the saved project, then File > New to open a new unsaved project? If not, does doing that help?

What type of files do you import (MP3, MP4 or whatever)? Or do you mean when you open a new file that you are already doing File > New?

What does Audacity > About Audacity… say? Are you using 2.0.6 or some 2.0.7-alpha?



When I close one file, it’s already been autosaving as an .aup session to my external hard drive. I export as a .wav, then close the file. Then I click File - New to start a new session. About half the time, I then get spinning beach ball and crash, with an offer to reopen.

I’m not importing files at all - only creating files and exporting them from Audacity.

I went to find the latest crash report and there doesn’t seem to be one from today’s crash. If it happens again I’ll look again.

I’m using Audacity 2.0.7-alpha-Nov 5 2014 but the same thing was happening with the earlier stable release.

Please tell us exactly you “close the file”. Is it File > Close (which closes the project) or something else?

It seems you save a project before starting a new recording - is that correct? Suppose you were new to Audacity and it was your first recording. Talk us through the steps you take.

Are there any older reports there? When the crash happens, do you see a dialogue window with the crash report in the window? What you can do there is click in the window, COMMAND + A, COMMAND + C, then paste the report here. We can put it between


tags so that it’s readable.