Are there any projects based on Audacity?

I was curious as to if there are any projects based on the Audacity code? Or do none exist? I looked around and saw a “Make-Your-Own-Karaoke” site has an altered version of Audacity, but I was wondering if any other projects exist that are based on audacity?

There have been some legitimate customised versions over the years. I don’t have details, though “Audacity Portable” comes to mind (a version of Audacity for “PortableApps”.
There are also unofficial (illegal) modified versions of Audacity distributed as “Audacity” that are suspected of containing malware, which is why we always recommend downloading Audacity from the official download location:
Note that we cannot provide support for modified versions of Audacity.

And there’s Edgar who makes a lot of customized Audacity versions tailored to his clients needs.

…and, while so far, I have been able to support all of my clients for feature requests and against bugs, there have been a few projects which vary drastically from the baseline Audacity and these have not been upgraded to newer versions of Audacity. Don’t forget, I do this as fun – if the luster wears off, or when I am physically unable, that support will cease.