april2018 win10 update audacity won't import (solved?)

FYI for others…

Win10 updated yesterday (causing several problems so far, considering removing it). Audacity would not import files. Stalled with small window showing ffmepg (couldn’t read the rest) or mp3 (something). After trying reinstalls and working from an adm account without anything working I did the following:

Went to folder where executable audacity.exe stored. Right click, go to properties, compatability tab. Check box run program as administrator.

Seems to have fixed it…

If anyone else has any insight on what’s going on with any other tips, or is it something that audacity has to deal with as a bug, would love to hear it. But for now, this fixed it for me

It’s not a good idea to run programs as administrator, and it should not be necessary to do so.
There’s an article here with some information about common problems with Windows 10 April 2018 update: