Approval timing?

Somewhat off topic, but does anyone know how long ACX is currently taking to approve an audiobook and get it up for sale once it’s submitted, assuming that there are no problems?

According to their website it is 3 to 8 weeks.

We have had complaints about that. We’ve also had a serious bump in posts from the people trying to read for audiobooks, so I’m not shocked that the comment and approval process has gone into extra innings.

Technical conformance can be automated. We have the ACX-Check add-on which mimics the ACX Robot. So if you can pass that, I expect you to sail right into step two.

The next part of the process is Human Quality Control and that’s the one that requires a human. Somebody listens to make sure you sound like an actual person with good story-telling skills.

It used to be even more complex because Human QC would give you comments and recommend corrections if they failed you. They may still.

All of that takes time and effort.

We had one of the ACX managers on the forum for a while, but he sank under the workload and even stopped responding to emails.


It is like everything else in your business life. The more your name is seen and you pass the requirements, the faster they will shove you to the head of the line. If you are the best plumber, then the word will grow. If not, your name will be labeled as “stay away from”. If you are just starting out, be patient. Myself, when I submit, it is around 73 hrs for notification. I have yet to be rejected by their automation or human detection system.

Again, be patient if they have never heard your name. After all, you just found out how to even hit the requirements using your process. You, as well as myself, are just 1 out of thousands of submissions. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT that when you do submit, your ducks are in a row and you have checked, re-checked and then checked again. Their words not mine. Give them what they want! If you get a reputation of “failing” that will be the death of your career. Just that simple. :wink:

when I submit, it is around 73 hrs for notification. I have yet to be rejected by their automation or human detection system

Are you a performer? Cool. Do you have any links, titles or publication INFO?


No. I take your work and get it to pass the ACX requirements. They call us producers. Yes I do and no I won’t. I have given you links before, only to have requested the same, with no participation on your part.