Applying 'Wahwah' and 'Reverb' to in-play tracks

The features ‘Wahwah’, ‘Phaser’, ‘Bass and Treble’, ‘Reverb’ (which previously were clickeable and openable while tracks were playing) are no longer openable when a track is playing. I find the feature a little less practical, having to load a preview everytime. I used the adjust-‘wahwah’-while-track-is-playing paradigm a lot more than I realized.

Could I revert this somehow?

I’ll resort to VST for the time being, but I haven’t found the match for your original audacity effect.

Thanks for clearing that up for me,

Real-time functionality was (temporarily?) sacrificed to accommodate the introduction of VST3 plugins.

There’s a good chance that these effects will be available to be applied properly as realtime effects in 3.3, along some others.

Cool beans.

Ok, hopefully!


Just to reiterate: I highly recommed; I mean highly recommend re-implementing this. If you could pass it forward to an open ear, that’d be great.

They are unlikely to be re-implemented in the same way - rather they are likely to be made available in the Effects Stack (which ciurruntly workds with some external, non-Audacity, plugins).



Hi Peter.

The only issue I foresee with that is, unless I’m mistaken, track-bound effects being currently applied to the entire track .

Audacity sacrificed a whole lot of precision by dismissing in-track effects, for which there was and should still be in-play audacity effects. For example, you can hardly even use effects to put emphasis on a single note or vocal word. You have to dedicate a whole track to it. Maybe that’s what the devs prefer, opting to stray as far away as possible from a destructive DAW, instead of remaining balanced between destructive and cumulative, which would ebb quite nicely.

That’s correct, but if you want to apply a real-time effect to just part of a track you can “Edit menu > Audio Clips > Split New (Alt + Ctrl + I)”. That moves the selected audio to a new track.

As far as I’m aware there is no plan to remove destructive effects, other than making the old “real-time preview” effects into “real-time” effects.

Yes it is indeed track-based (and not project-based). It’s not actually “applied” to the track unless and until you Mix and Render the track (you can observe this by looking at the waveform) - and note doing this also causes the effects in the effects stack to be cleared.

It does get applied to an audio file when you Export - but then it is not applied to the track - and the track retains its effects stack intact.

The Muse devs and designers are basically changing Audacity from being an audio editor and turning it into a fully-fledged DAW (that is my reading of their intentions anyway).

The other downside I can see with the loss of real-time in the individual destructive effects is that you van no longer make a selection in severla tracks and play with the effects RT settings on that group of tracks.

As you observed the effects stack is track-based - there is no way to take an effects stack and apply it to several selected tracks, a track group, or indeed the whole project.

Nor is there any mechanism to store or copy and effects stack for a track and have it applied to other tracks in the same project or tracks in a different project. I may write up an enhancement request for this sometime next week.


OK so now I’ve logged these three issues:
Effects stack is restricted to a single track #4195

There is no facility to Copy or Export/Import an effects stack #4194
Deleting a track with an effects stack leaves a stranded empty effects stack #4196

you’ve kept me busy today NOOBtools - with this and the negative time audio :wink: :sunglasses:


and this one
There is no easy way to delete an RT effects stack from a track #4197

Hey Waxcylinder, thanks a bunch! :smiley: