applying changes to finished work

Hi everyone,

after I have finished an audiofile (equalize, RMS normalize, limiter) sometimes I need to apply some changes, so I make a new file, clean it too (equalize, RMS normalize, limiter) and then sometimes my corrections are louder than the original audio file. Do I need to manually adjust the volume of the new audio I am adding to my original file, or is there again an automatic process?

Thank you!

Audacity doesn’t do anything automatically.
New audio pasted into a track will not inherit the effects previously applied to that track.

Are you making changes to the mastered file(equalize, RMS normalize, limiter)?

I make a raw record, save a wav, save the project
Duplicate the raw track, do retakes on the new track, edit spacing, gasps, mouth noise etc, name this one consolidated. save a wav & the project
Duplicate the Consolidated track, master it (eq (rolloff), RMS Norm, Limit), Save Wav, Save MP3, Save Project
Then if in final listen or when the RH sends feedback, I can merge edit changes into a NEW duplicate of the consolidated track, and make a new master etc.
Sometimes the single chapter projects has 10 tracks. with Labels, and extra audio from retakes. (I don’t use the mix & render, because I am paranoid about losing data, so I paste the fixes in.