Applying Chains to .AUP Project Files?

Hello, I’m using Audacity 2.1.1 on Windows 10. I want to do some batch processing via chains, but I’m not sure I understand how to apply the chains to .aup files.

Let me tell you exactly what I want to do:

I have about 35 different projects, divided up into three different folders. There are .aup project files for each project.

I want to amplify each project, and then export the projects to FLAC format. I’ve figured out how to edit a chain for this, but I’m having trouble applying the chain to the projects.

Can you apply chains to .aup project files? Or, do you have to convert the projects into audio files FIRST, before applying chains to them?

If I have to convert the project into actual audio files such as WAV or FLAC first, then how do I batch process THAT? Don’t I have to export projects one-by-one?

This is what has me confused, despite reading several web pages about batch processing and chains.
Thank you for your assistance. J. Danniel

either the entirety of the current project or to selected audio files in a single directory.

So the way I read this, you can only apply a chain to all the tracks in a Project, not a bunch of Projects.

I don’t know any way to automate File > Export > FLAC [change project] Repeat. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one.


After doing further research, I’ve learned that a project is exactly that: An unfinished work. It is NOT an audio file per se. Apparently, you cannot apply chains to works in progress, only the final product, such as an .mp3 file, a wave file, a FLAC file, etc.

I haven’t found a utility that will batch automate the conversion of projects into audio files. There might be one, but I admit I didn’t research the subject that thoroughly.

Fortunately, I have only 35 projects, so it isn’t horribly time consuming to export them to FLAC format. If someone has 150 projects, though, that can become tedious.

The best thing to do, it seems, is to export a project to an audio format as soon as you create the project. That way, you CAN apply chains to the audio files.

You can always save the project, in case you have to make revisions to it. I’ve backed up my .aup files and corresponding folders to a USB flash drive.

Once I exported the projects to FLAC format, applying chains to the FLAC files was fast and easy. It DOES work.


export a project to an audio format as soon as you create the project.

That’s pretty much the way I do it, yes.

I’ve backed up my .aup files and corresponding folders to a USB flash drive.

It does make us nervous when people use soft words. You backed up the AUP Project Manager files and the corresponding _DATA folders (with the music in them). You can open up an AUP file in a text editor and read it. It’s in semi-English XML programming language. Be careful not to change anything while you have it open or the show may crash.

The only shortcoming to FLAC is finding applications that can play them. They’re not nearly the standard format that WAV (Microsoft) is. WAV (Microsoft) is the Audacity default because all three major computing platforms can gracefully open them. The only significant problem with them is the 2GB/4GB size restriction.