Apply Macro stopped working suddenly

Hi there! I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m narrating an audiobook and I had a macro made by GTT. It’s been working great but today, all of a sudden, when I applied it to my audio file, I can see it going though all the steps but when it gets to ACX Check (which is the last step) it says “processing complete” but then goes back to the original raw file, and none of the processing goes through. I was able to go in and manually apply each effect which did work but ACX check isn’t working. I don’t know if it’s the macro, or the ACX check or a bug. I’m not sure what to do.This is my first time on here asking a question so if I’m not in the right thread, I apologize. Any and all help is appreciated! I’m using a Mac laptop, MacOS BigSur 11.6.4 and I’m also using the latest version of Audacity. Thanks in Advance!

Who, or what is “GTT”?

Sorry- GTT is George the Tech. Tech guy, That info prob didn’t need to be included. I was in a panic when I was typing this. More importantly, I imported a macro that now isn’t processing and I’m not sure why.

Since GTT wrote the macro that isn’t working, perhaps you should be asking GTT about it. If you’ve already asked GTT, what did he/they say?

I reached out to his customer service and they directed me here. The Macro was working fine until yesterday.

That seems rather cheeky if they’ve taken your money and then expect someone else to provide support for the macro that they wrote.

We will need to see the macro to be able to offer any help.