Apply Gain to a Chain

Hi all,

i am new and let me say that this program is very usefull and is a perfect tool for my pourpouses (gaming sector).

I have a question about chains: iknow how to use chains, but i dont know how to apply a +10 db gain to all my voice samples (maybe is a very easy task, but i have very little experience with the program). Could someone help me on this?

In addition: is there a “suggested” processing i can apply to my microphone recorded tracks to improve the quality of my samples?

Thanks in advance

You can add an “Amplify” command to the chain. Click “Edit Parameters” in that command and enter “10” (without quotes) in “Amplification (dB)”. But that will sometimes cause clipping (distortion) depending how loud the input was. Adding “Normalize” (to a specific level below the 0.0 dB clipping level) is better.

I doubt anything is written down formally, but you may find suggestions in other posts in this board.

Often you’ll want to compress a little to produce a fatter sound that isn’t exaggerating the volume of sibilants (but you want to avoid them being so exaggerated that heavy compression is needed). Some people may like to apply Equalization; others may like to add mild reverb (GVerb underneath the divider in the Effect menu, but it can’t be used in Chains).

Experiment and tell us what sounded good for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I toyed a little yesterday and find a good equalization for my pourpouses. I must experiment a little more to find the right “gain improvement without clipping” the game-engine i am using (OpenBOR) requires for samples to be at a good level.

I believe you can use the “Normalize” effect in a chain. Normalize will by default amplify the track so the peaks are at 0 dB - no need to guess what a good amplification factor might be.

– Bill