Apply Effect Over Time

How do I apply an effect over time (i.e. 0db BassBoost at 1:00, 5db BassBoost at 1:15)?

One method is to create two tracks one clean and the other just below with 100% of the effect. Then use the Envelope Tool (two white arrows and bent blue line) or any of the Fade tools to gently transition between the two tracks.

You actually have much greater control that way than trying to apply an effect with time handles and control points.


Thanks kozikowski! I thought of that, but I was hoping there was a more streamlined solution.

So how do you apply an effect with time handles/time tracks?

You Google your brains out. I don’t know of any tool like that within Audacity. I think Adobe Audition has something like that…


This is usually called “automation” or “track automation” and is a common feature in “DAW” applications that do real-time processing (programs such as Reaper, Cubase, ProTools, Sonar, Ardour and such like). It is also an often requested feature in Audacity, though it is less commonly found in this type of application (Audacity does not do real-time processing). However, in practice, the method described by Koz is effective, flexible and just as quick as using track automation.