Apply Chain worked fine, now it's crashing

Mac X.6.8, dmg version 2.0.3 – Have run numerous batches of compress/normalize/export mp3 with no problem. Suddenly Audacity has started crashing after processing the second or third file in a batch. Have already deleted Audacity Application folder and App Support folder, then reinstalled, but problem remains. Any ideas?

Reinstalling Audacity almost never fixes a problem because it does not change your settings.

You could try quitting Audacity then resetting audacity.cfg by following these instructions:

Then reboot the Mac (this isn’t necessary to save the .cfg file changes but may help if it’s a memory corruption problem that reboot may help).

If you still get a crash after that please attach or copy and paste the Mac crash report you see after one of the Chain crashes.

Please see here for how to attach files: .


Thanks, Gale!
Here’s the Crash Report.
AudCrash.txt (61.2 KB)

Thanks for the Crash Report.

Unfortunately you’ve been hit by a known, randomly occurring crash problem when importing files. The problem is triggered by some event that involves Unicode characters (some characters other than a to z and 1 to 9, for example e acute or a Japanese character). Possibly the files in the Chain that are crashing have a name that contains such characters, or the folder name they are in has such characters - can you check that?

However it is also possible that files with completely Latin names will crash, once some Unicode event has happened (for example, after working on a project that has an accented character in a track name).

Did you reboot? It probably will cure it even if you have to reboot several times. We don’t have any answer to this at the moment. From testing, I believe 1.3.8 does not have this issue: .

If you cannot stop this issue happening that may be your only recourse at the moment.


Thanks for the fast and responsive support! Wow!


Well we had the advantage of already knowing what the problem is.

If you do try 1.3.8 but still get a crash, please let us know.