apply chain on files trouble

I created a number of sessions saved as Audacity AUP project files. I would like to use the “Apply Chain” function to convert these to MP3’s by using the Apply to Files option instead of opening and applying each one manually.

It appears this function is written to start as an import of WAV, AIFF, MP3, etc files without the capability to process the native Audacity files. Am I missing something or is this not a common request?

Any thoughts?

“Chains” is very simple and it applies to a very limited number of specific effects and file management tools. It’s not a programming language.

Audacity Beta allows a chain of effects to be created and run as a batch process. Click File > Edit Chains… to create the chain. Click File > Apply Chain… to apply the chain to the current project, or to audio files. Chains can be applied to a selected track or region in the project, just as you can when running an individual effect. However, you cannot yet specify a region of audio for individual effects inside a chain. Therefore chains will always be applied to all of an audio file.

I didn’t know it wouldn’t work with Projects. Do those Projects still open without chains? Projects are not “AUP FIles.” The AUP file is an instruction list of how to manage the hundreds of other files in your show. It’s a file manager.

They’re not sound files and you can’t move them around without damaging something.