Apply Chain not working - freezes

I’ve just updated to 2.2.0 (Mac w/El Capitan) and cannot get ‘apply chain’ to work. Any time I apply a chain to the project, a square black screen pops up as well as the apple rainbow wheel, that cannot be reduced or placed behind any other window, until I ‘force quit’ the program. Doesn’t seem to matter which chain I apply, the program crashes. I use chains on every project and had no issues with previous versions.

There is a crash issue with Chains in 2.2.0 which has already been fixed for 2.2.1.

If you’re feeling bold you could try that latest 2.2.1 alpha nightly from here:

It’s actually pretty stable and well worth a try - please report back if your chain works with this version.


It works! Thanks so much for your prompt reply, and fix :slight_smile:

Thnks for the feedback - good to hear that it works on your Mac,


I am currently dealing with the problem of applying chains and it freezing the software.
So frustrating. I am an audiobook narrator and this research on how to fix the problem is
costing me, big time. I’m no computer engineer but I do okay.
Chains worked fine until I downloaded 2.2.0. I don’t know what alpha nightlys are.
If someone could explain, I would be grateful. I have been using audacity for
a long time and I need the chains…

They are pre-release versions.
I’d suggest that you try “Audacity 2.2.1 RC2”. This is the latest version, and although there will be an RC3 before 2.2.1 is released, that is only to update some documentation files. It is expected that the 2.2.1 release version of Audacity will be identical to RC2.
2.2.1 RC2 should fixes this problem in Chains, and it is available here: