Apply Chain for Files Bug

My chain setup was working before upgrading to 2.2.2…

I can successfully apply the chain when I select the audio myself. But, when I want to apply to files it doesn’t work.

Before upgrading there wasn’t such an error.

The error message says that:
File Error
This operation cannot be done until importation of 02-bits.wav completes.

12:05:31: File name is /Users/inanc/Desktop/02-bits.wav
12:05:31: Mime type is *
12:05:31: Opening with libsndfile
12:05:31: Open(/Users/inanc/Desktop/02-bits.wav) succeeded

How big is the wav file?

Please look at Audacity Preferences > Import / Export. What is the setting under “When importing audio files”?

– Bill