Apply Chain >CleanSpeech >SaveHqMaster1 was not recognized

When I Apply Chain >CleanSpeech >I get a Message “Your batch command of SaveHqMaster1 was not recognized.” and it does not save the Chain effect. Can anyone help? OS X 10.8 Audacity 2.0.5

“SaveHQMaster1” is part of an old Chain called “CleanSpeech” which is no longer included in Audacity.

All “SaveHQMaster1” did was export a low quality MP3 at 56 kbps. If you really want that low quality export, open your Chain in “Edit Chains” and delete the “SaveHQMaster1” command. Then click “Insert” and choose either “ExportMP3_56k_before” or “ExportMP3_56k_after”, both of which do the same as “SaveHQMaster1”.