Apply a chain to several projects

Hi, :slight_smile:

:arrow_right: My system: I am running on Windows 7.

:arrow_right: My use of Audacity: I record several vinyls to Audacity projects “.aup.” So I have a “.aup” project for each vinyl.
:arrow_right: My problem: I would like to apply effects (volume + MP3 export) on each of these project “.aup”

:arrow_right: My tests: I wanted to test “mod-script-pipe” but I have not found a version of Audacity with this pre-compiled module.
I tried to compile with Visual Studio 2012, but without success.

:arrow_right: My request: Are there any solutions? A batch mode? Does “mod-script-pipe” can do the trick?
If yes, could you send me a version of Audacity with pre-compiled mod-script-pipe. So I can use it directly.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Best Regards.

Mod-script-pipe is an experimental module. It is known to expose security risks so it is not considered to be ready for release.

Applying chains to multiple projects is a feature request. I have added your vote for that feature.
Having said that, Audacity projects are not very suitable for long term “archiving” for several reasons. In particular, because they are very large, and also because they are easy to accidentally destroy: The project file and the _data folder must be kept together, their names should not be changed, any external files (dependencies) must exist in their original locations… Because of these storage issues it is highly recommended that a normal WAV file is exported from the project as soon as the project is complete. If that advice is followed, then you will have WAV files for each project, and the Chain can be applied to those files.