Application Program to download plugins on MAC?

I am having an issue or an error message stating that my Mac does not have an application set to open the document DeClicker.ny. It’s telling me to search the App Store for an application or choose an existing application on my computer. I am fairly new to all of this, and my last mac book air did not have this problem downloading the plugin automatically. Not sure if it was because it was OS X Yosemite that I had?

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? and if so, do you know what I can do to resolve this?

Thank you in Advance.

You don’t need to open the DeClicker.ny file. It’s a “Nyquist plug-in” file. Just save the file, then follow the instructions here to install it:

Hi Steve,
Thank you for the reply. My problem is that I can not even download the declicker to begin with, much less save it. My Mac gives a message that I don’t have an application to download or open it. Says to use an application from my computer or download one from the App Store to open the plugin.

Can you or anyone suggest a good application for future use to download plugins or anything to add to audacity in the future?

What browser are you using? It seems misconfigured.

You should be able to go to right-click or CTRL-click over the link “DeClicker.ny” in the white box, then choose Save Link, Save As or similar.

When you have saved the file do not open it or double-click it. That will give an error. Put it in the Plug-Ins folder where you have Audacity.