Application Keeps Disappearing

Version 2.2.2, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
Audacity works great. But, inevitably, when I return to the machine a day or two later, the application has been uninstalled!? The machine is always on. This is not the result of a Windows update. I do not install it in the default directory.

Why not?
Where and how do you install it?

Maybe you’ve got a mis-configured “cleanup” program or anti-malware program. Or maybe your computer has virus. And you did download Audacity from the official website, right?

… I’m pretty sure Audacity isn’t uninstalling itself! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s installed to a partition where I install apps. No virus/malware. I’m pretty well protected.
My anti-virus / malware would notify me b4 taking any action. And, yes, it was downloaded directly from Audacity.

when I return to the machine a day or two later

But when you’re working in any one 8-hour period, it’s OK?

the application has been uninstalled!

Uninstalled as in the desktop launch icon vanishes, or you go into your personal \app folder and there’s no sign of the program or any of its folders? Is the program download still around?

Is Audacity installed on an internal drive? Audacity doesn’t always like being installed on an external drive, a network connected drive or a cloud drive.

Do you leave the machine on and not sleeping through 4AM? I believe that’s when Windows likes to “clean up” its fragmented files and look after housekeeping.

Do you have any one of the automatic services set to trigger after, say, 12-hours of inactivity? Sleep, snooze, nap, comatose? Widows has a bunch of those. What’s odd about coming back after 24-48 hours? Do you just turn the monitor off and leave the machine exactly like it is during regular activities?


to a partition

Wait. A partition??? So your machine is running on C:\ and Audacity is installed on D:, for example?


The machine remains on. No sleep or hibernation.
It’s installed on an internal drive.
Yes, it’s installed on a separate partition. It’s also installed that way on my laptop w/o a problem with the same OS. The problem is on a desktop machine.