appending wave forms

How do I append a part of an MP3 wave form to a different MP3 wave form ?

The blue waves are just the graphic representation of the MP3 sound.

Audacity doesn’t have Append-Import, so File > Import both of your songs and they will appear one above the other. Drag-select the bottom one and Copy > Paste it to the end of the top one. Use the MUTE and SOLO button to the left to tell Audacity which one you want to listen to.

Use the editing tools to make the song sound like you want. Select the whole finished song by clicking just above MUTE. File > Export Selected Audio (not File > Export Audio).

If you want a new MP3, you’ll have to install the Lame software. Audacity won’t make a new MP3 without that.

Notes: Since Audacity is making a new MP3, the MP3 compression sound damage is going to go up. The quality at the end is always going to be worse than the quality at the beginning, particularly if you fell in love with the file sizes.

You can partially avoid this by using a higher bit rate (MP3 Quality) than was there at the beginning. That also gives you larger music files.

You can avoid this completely by using one of the pure MP3 editors. They will let you cut together and shorten MP3 songs without additional compression damage. But they won’t let you do any audio effects.

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Many thanks for your valuable help with my problem. John