Appending existing Audacity File

Audacity 3.1.2
I haven’t been here in years. All the work has supported many new CD’s that we’ve published. This new version has a couple issues that seem to be related? I’ve found a way to work past it…but Audacity will not allow you to save your work to the original name using “Save As” . I have found that I can simply save my work, close. But, If I should want to do a Save As to an exiting file name to Append or overwrite, Audacity will return a error that I’m attempting to overwrite an existing file.

That is to stop you from accidentally overwriting your work. If you really want to replace an existing project, delete the old project first, then save the new project. That’s a tiny bit more effort, but the developers think that is better than risking accidentally destroying an existing project.