Appending audio data in new track.

This is a followup to my earlier post about cutting/pasting audio data, got that figured out and i just need one piece of info (i think) in order to proceed in an efficient manner.

Say that i open up an audio file that contains 16 bars in an Audacity project. My goal? To take measures 3-6 and measures 13-16 and append them together. I realize that i can find all the stuff i want to delete (in my example measures 1-2, 7-12) and delete them. But, what i am wondering if i can do, is to (a) find/select measures 3-6, (b) copy that data, (c) paste it into a new track, (d) find/select measures 7-12, (e) copy that data and ([f], and this is the crucial part…) append that data to the measures 3-6 that are in the new track.

If i do steps (a) to (e) as above and in the process of completing step (f) i simply put the focus on the new track and paste, it writes over the measures 3-6 that are there (which kinda makes sense). If i try to position the cursor at the very end of the measures 3-6 (in the new track, actually now measures 1-4) and THEN paste, it seems to still do the same thing - that is to write over the data that i’d previously pasted in. Positioning the cursor doesn’t seem to affect paste placement? Not sure.

I’m an ex-Windoze guy who used SoundForge and was able to do constructions like this pretty routinely. I’m assuming that i just don’t know what i’m doing and there’s a simple remedy to my approach. If anybody has an more efficient approach, i’d love to hear it. An “Append” command perhaps?


I cannot reproduce your problem. When pasting into a new track, the paste occurs at the editing cursor position.

– Bill

One option would be to paste measures 7-12 into a new “channel” then mix the channel with 3-6 and the channel with 7-12 into a new combined mixdown. I realize that’s an extra step though. Maybe there’s an easier way.