Append-Record and stop-and-set-cursor confuse Undo

Append-record. Stop with spacebar. Append-record. Stop with spacebar. Undo twice. Behaves as expected.

Now do the same except stopping recordings with stop-and-set-cursor (default ctrl-a) instead. Does the wrong thing: (1) unintended clip boundary is introduced between recordings and (2) first undo does nothing, second undo deletes second recording, first recording can’t be undone.

That’s not good. A simpler way to reproduce the problem:

  1. Start recording.
  2. Stop playback with stop-and-set-cursor (default: shift+A)
  3. Undo record - the recording is not undone.

Thanks, Paul. I added a bug report .

I have not yet added a bug report, nor researched it, but I suspect it’s a design decision. I think it’s defensible that append recording at the end of a track creates a split line if the cursor is at the end of a track when append recording starts. It’s probably reasonable (as also happens now) that if you use either SPACE or SHIFT + A to stop the append record, click after the end of the track then append record that a split line is drawn where the recording last stopped.

If so, you could argue that stopping with SPACE, then K to move to the end of the track then append record should add a split line, but it doesn’t. I don’t think it would be unreasonable if append record added a split line even if the cursor was not at the end of the track when recording started.


But you don’t dispute that the undo behavior is a bug, Gale?

Are you referring to this:

Agreed then.