Append many to one

I have about 100 3-minute clips that I want to append to one, all to be on one track.

When I select all and drag to the track, a new track is created for each clip. From here I have to copy/paste each, then edit out any space between them, and finally delete the copied clip. This is a process that I will be doing a many times over the next few months.

Is there a drag and drop that will place the clips all in one track?

Or, is there a way that I can copy one track to the other in that there will be no space between the clips?

Or, is there a key action that will place the cursor immediately at the end of the present clip? will send me to the position of the longest clip.

Of some other way…

“Append-Import” is a very popular feature request. There is a very slightly less painful way to do it other than straight one at a time, and someone will drop in with those notes. I can’t find it.


import the tracks (or a portion of them)
Select all tracks, Track Menu → Align Tracks → End to End.
You can now render those tracks into one or just go directly to Export.
The key stroke to get to the end of the selected track(s) is K, if you need that in future; J does the contrary and goes to the beginning.

Mischief Managed…
I saw those options but did not see what they were doing.
LIfe is good.

If you have spaces built into the work, that’s still going to be there. This will only deal with straight jamming files into each other.