Apparent bug in Edit/Audio Clips/Detach at Silences (Audacity 3.3.3, Ventura 13.5, 2023 MacBook Pro)

Hi — I just upgraded to a MacBook Pro running the current release of Ventura — lots of disk space and RAM and Audacity’s been running like a dream.
But today, I needed to use the Detach on Silences feature to cleanly cut up a 18 minutes recording of single words into lots of single words into individual one-word clips.
In the past, this has worked perfectly but despite the silence between clips being substantially less than .001 db, the Detach on Silence command has no effect at all. I have no idea why, even restarting the machine has not helped.

The problem is totally reproducible by simply launching the file, selecting the piece of audio and then triggering the command - nothing happens, though everything else in Audacity seems to work normally.

Is this a bug on version 3.3.3 or is there something that I can try to see if it helps the situation?



So Detach at Silence works on silence NOT on quiet. You are going to have to transform your quiet into Silence. Noise gate can do this. Set the Level reduction to -100dB.

Hello Jademan! And thank you!!

You advice immediately fixed the problem — I had no idea that it required absolute silence rather than the extremely low levels on my audio.

I very much appreciate your having taken the time to help.


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