App crashes when I stop/play the audio many times

I am using Audacity from the Ubuntu Store and I normally use the app to listen and clean audio from a video.
In the project I have then two tracks about 30-50 minutes long, and when I am listening, I use to stop/play the audio with the keyboard (space key).
Sometimes (many times) it crashes, I think it is when I press more than once the “space”, so it says NoMore…
The app freezes and I have to close it forcing close and recover the project

This is a known problem when using PulseAudio as the playback device (PulseAudio is also the default).

To workaround the problem, select the “hw” device of your sound card in the Device Toolbar (
It’s usually the “(hw:0,0)” option that you need to use. The full name depends on what sound card you have, for example, on my laptop it is:
HDA Intel PCH: ALC269VC Analog (hw:0,0)

This problem is believed to be fixed in Audacity 2.4.0 which is due to be released next month.