Apologies - duplicate post while struggling with forum software

I wrote a post then tried to create the topic. It vanished, with an error message saying something bland like ‘there has been an error’. I rewrote it and reposted, at which point I got a message saying my account was no longer suspended and I could post again. I now have two near-identical posts in the help forum - sorry!


For some reason the forum flagged your 1st post as potential spam and it was put on-hold for a human to review.

(I think I know why but I don’t want to post any hints about how to get-around the spam protection. :wink: )

Thanks. I can’t see any way I can delete the duplicate post. Is there?

I deleted the duplicate post for you.

For future reference you should be able to click on the three little dots to the left of “Reply” and that should give you more options, including delete (a dustbin icon).


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