Anyone using pioneer djm250mk2 with audacity?

Hello for almost two weeks now I have been trying to record mixes with my xdj700’s and djm250mk2 via uSB to macOS High Sierra 10.13. I am still unable to get audio from the DJM. I downloaded the Pioneer Audio Driver to my laptop. Mixer Firmware is up to date. Midi settings have been changed to DJM as input and output is set to built in. Same for preferences in audacity and sound settings on the laptop. I’ve taken every trouble shooting measure I can abd have been emailing with Pioneer support for a week and no one can help me. Can anyone provide any info ? I am lost and have to turn in an hour long mix in two weeks. I have only had this set up for three weeks and equipment was brand new. Thank you :wink: :wink:

In the Sounds settings, do you see a signal in the Input settings when the djm250mk2 is selected and the xdj700 is playing?
(ambient noise reduction should be off / NOT selected)