Anyone have luck? External USB Sound Card w/double mic-phone

Audacity 2.1.0
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I’m looking to record a football broadcast with two headsets (headphone + mic on each) using this program. One headset will be for me and the other for my colleague.

Have anyone ever used a device like this ( to pull such a thing off? We don’t need music-quality sound, but we’re hoping to avoid issues that seem to have occurred with trying to run 2 USB headsets into Audacity and having to mess around with another program like Voicemeeter.

Thank you for any help you might be able to give here, or any experiences you might have had.

For 95c you can try it and see. I’d be a lot happier if it didn’t say 7.1 Channel Surround in the ad. What does that mean? It doesn’t seem to say.

I found it valuable to Google Complaints about a device.

This does appear to only work with analog headsets like this (stereo or mono). Do you have such headsets?

Voicemeeter is only for multiple USB connections or microphones. You can only play games with the data connection after it already is a data connection.

We had one poster who went through the bother of building headphone power adapters so he could connect multiple headsets to his sound mixer. He was so far along when he last posted that I assume he got it all working.


Here’s what I have…

Here’s what I have

Terrific. The connections on the green headphone plug are Left, Right and Protective Shield. The connections on the pink microphone plug are Microphone Sound, Computer Battery and Shield. They may look like the same physical plug, but they’re very much not wired the same.

Scroll down. You have one of each of these.

I would totally pop for the $0.95 and see what happens.The worst thing that can happen (besides just not working) is it requires driver software and the software either isn’t available, or doesn’t support your computer. I don’t expect Plug and Play. There’s nothing natural and normal about connecting two analog headsets to a laptop.


I’ve had dozens of those Chinese interfaces. Never that cheap, but anyhow…

As the Koz said, for less than a buck, you’ll need to buy & try. Most of these are quite useable. Some are crap. But nobody knows which are which, not even the seller. You don’t expect the seller to test them at these prices, do you? :laughing:

The chip inside is usually C-media and those are well supported on any platform, software-wise.

The reviews of that device suggest it is very fragile and may only produce mono.


I appreciate all of the comments. I bought 3 of them…just in case. :smiley:

I’ll report back after our first game Friday night and let you know how it (hopefully not ‘they’) performed.

Thanks again for you input.

after our first game Friday night

You don’t have to wait that long. Do both sides work and produce a sound recording? If you can’t get both sides to work now, there isn’t going to be a game.


I tested at home a couple nights before and it seemed like all would work well.

We ran the system through the ringer over 2 1/2 hours last night and it worked perfectly. The sound was excellent. The recording came across loud and clear and the little gadget never missed a beat. Very pleased with the results. It’s still a little cheap thing, so I’m glad I have two spares in case it breaks during a future broadcast, but all in all, it did it’s job.

Thanks again for all of your advice and suggestions!

Thanks for following up. So does it produce mono output, or stereo, with the left pair of ins and outs in the left stereo channel and the right pair in the right?