Anyone familiar with DJ IO Software

Good afternoon, great site, hopefully you can help me with what will be a simple question.

I have purchased a Numark DJ IO and I want to use this in conjunction with a pair of headphones on my desktop.

I start playing a song on my pc and the sound is outputted through my pc sound card and speakers. When I plug in the DJ IO it takes over from the pc soundcard and the speakers are muted. I know that the sound is being transmitted to the DJ IO as it shows up in the sound options in control panel as below: -

The problem I have is that no sound comes out of the headphones. Is there something else I need to do? Or do I have a faulty unit?

Please note this isn’t a support forum for Numark products.

This is expected. See here

This page may be useful to you for further enquiries about DJ-IO: .