Anyone educators in CT?

Hi there!

My students LOVE Audacity! Because of CT’s near student data privacy law, I have to review Audacity’s privacy policy and terms of use make sure it adheres to the requirements of that law if I’m to be allowed to use it.

Anyone else in CT vetted Audacity yet? Our district is having library media specialists do the first read through of specific company’s terms of service and privacy policies, but at my school that person is not going to be willing to do all that leg work. I’ll be filling that role more often than not, I believe. So, can anyone offer any help? Any lawyer out there?

The license terms for Audacity can be found here:

The privacy policy regarding our website / mailing lists :

Audacity may be downloaded free of charge via the Audacity website:
No registration is required and we don’t collect any data so I don’t think we have a privacy document about downloads other than the above.
The Audacity application (as supplied via the Audacity website) does not include any adware or spyware, though we cannot guarantee what third party sites do, so we strongly advise that you and your students always download via the official website. The full source code is available from GitHub:
Audacity is widely used in schools in the UK, the US and many other countries.

The site that serves our downloads (FossHub) has a privacy policy: