Any way to Rip Vinyl wireless?

Hi, I have been ripping my vinyl using my sound system. Turntable => Receiver/Amplifier => Sony CD burner. Then, I rip the CD into my PC. I have done it this way for several years and it works great. However, I am becoming lazy and there is a lot of manual work and time using this system. I am looking for a way to send the audio out from my sound system wireless to my PC. Turntable => Receiver/Amplifier ==//==> PC.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

BTW, for several years I have been managing my music on my PC using Audacity and Media Monkey. I play the music on my PC and it is sent via a music bridge to my sound system. I love playing and listening to my music in this fashion.

Unless you have a big budget I would not recommend sending analogue audio wirelessly. Wireless audio tends to be quite low quality unless you spend $1000’s (or at least several $100’s).

To preserve good quality audio, you need to either (a) send it down a wire, or (b) send it digitally.
Option (a) is easier and cheaper.

The set-up that I use is:
Turntable → Amp ->//–stereo shielded cable (about $5)–//-> Begringer UCA 202 (about $30) ->PC USB port.
Would that be a practical option for you?

Steve, thanks for your reply. I apologize for not making my question more clear. You are right about how to preserve good quality audio. Your suggested solution would not work for me because of the physical location of my PC and my sound system. What I’m interested in is connecting something like the Art USB Phono Plus to my turn table. Then connect a transmitter to the USB output of the Art USB Phono Plus and then installing some sort of a receiver on my PC. I kind of view it as a reverse how I play my music. The music is flac files on my PC. They are sent wireless to my audio bridge. Output of the audio bridge is RCA/Optical audio out which goes to my sound system.

Hope this better explains what I’m trying to accomplish.
Thanks in advance for any help.

So that we’re clear what you are talking about, what is the “audio bridge”? (make and model number if possible)

The audio bridge is a Linksys Wireless-G Music Bridge. The model is WM54G. It just dawned on me I have been looking at this from an audio (rip vinyl) point of view. I should have been looking at it as a networking problem. I think I have found a possible solution. :slight_smile: Seems there are many USB wireless adapters. I think adding a pre-amp/ADC with USB out plus a USB wireless adapter to the turntable on my sound system will give me the convenience I am looking for. The only snag may be getting Audacity or Media Monkey to make the connection on my PC and receive and record the file. I already have a wireless WiFi. I haven’t had the time to completely look into this idea. If it works out, I’ll post what parts and pieces I had to purchase and how they are connected.

Thanks again for your help, plus, if you have anymore info or suggestions, I’m all eyes (ears).

One approach that you could use is described here:
Note that the article is about a year old and PulseAudio is generally better behaved these days than it was a year ago.

Haven’t given up on the search for the audio connection Holy Grail. New question: would I be able to make the connection using an Ethernet? The plan would be to connect say the ART USB Phono Plus to a powerline adapter using a USB => Ethernet cable. Likewise, connect the computer’s USB port to the powerline using the same type of connector.

Thanks in advance for comments, recommendations and knowledge.

Hi Steve, I decided to give up on wireless and use your suggested connection. I have the UCA 202 on order. The distance from my Amp to my computer is 14’. I’ll just have to connect it when I wish to rip my vinyl and then disconnect and store it away when I finish. Oh well.

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards,