Any way to remove echo here?

During recording mic picked up the talking person voice so it bacame really terrible to listen to. Can anybody try to fix it?

I’d say “no”, not possible.

Can you elaborate as to why a bit more, Steve? I have a few recordings similar to this too which I have a hard time giving up on.

An echo is basically an overlapping copy of the original voice. To remove the echo voice without removing the original voice, the computer would need to be able to differentiate between the person’s voice (original) and the person’s voice (echo). There’s no way that a computer can do that because they are virtually the same.

Note that when a person speaks, the sound is not a constant level, but as can be seen by watching the meters, the volume jumps up and down with every word, so even if the echo is a bit quieter than the original, that is not something that a computer can use to separate the echo from the original.

The sound in the sample posted by anonimoushadowrealm has other problems too - such as “lossy compression damage” (loss of sound quality due to MP3 encoding), which is also incurable. Basically, it’s a terrible quality recording, and you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.