Any way to improve/clean an old recording?

I may be asking the impossible, and can add a sample when I get home.

I have a radio show, and will be doing a 20 year anniversary special in a few weeks. I wanted to play my original demo. Unfortunately, the only copy I have was a cassette recording, where the original voice was recorded with a really cheap headset mic.

Steps like noise reduction and normalization don’t seem appropriate. Any suggestions? Mostly looking to clean up vocals with no music bround.



Lower quality would probably add production value. Rush Limbaugh uses EQ (and maybe other effects) to degrade the sound anytime he plays a clip from an earlier program.

But… Noise reduction is fine as long as it makes an improvement. Normalization is just a volume adjustment so there’s nothing wrong with that, but you’ll have to stick with your normal loudness/volume requirements which are strict for any radio broadcast.

You can use EQ if it helps the “clarity”.