Any way to automatically delete pauses in speech?

I have about 15 hours of recorded speech, someone’s oral memoir. This person speaks slowly and has many pauses in his speech. I remember it was revealed that Rush Limbaugh’s producers had a way to omit all his pauses, to fit more commercials in. Is there any way for us amateurs to do this? My recordings have way, way too many pauses to do this manually. It seems the way this feature would work would be to find any pauses longer than a threshold such as 0.5 seconds, and reduce each pause to the threshold value. Thanks for any info.

Truncate Silence:

Thanks for the link. There’s one thing I’m unclear on after reading the description. Is this something that is done after the sound is recorded? If it’s done as a post-production kind of thing, are the original .aup files permanently changed, or is there a new version and an old version? (You may have figured out that I’m new to this.)

Yes, Truncate Silence is for recordings that already have pauses in them.

If the Truncate Silence settings truncated too many parts that were not really pauses, or too few, you can Edit > Undo, change the Truncate Silence parameters and run the effect again.

It may be an idea to try the parameters out first on a couple of minutes of the audio. Once the parameters are right, and if your selection was representative, then the parameters should work for the entire audio.