Any suggestions what to use?

Audacity does not work as I saw on the youtube tutorial video. The sound is terrible. It sounds better when I use the sound recorder on my computer found on entertaintment, but of course, that sounds like it’s fade away since it’s just recording from the speakers like Audacity. I give up this audacity. I’ve been trying to fix this for two hours. Anyone here know any other audio sound recorder that is also for free like audacity and that ACTUALLY works?


Audacity works just fine, your problem is located somewhere between your desk chair and your monitor.

If you post a comprehensible question in the correct forum (so we know which OS you’re using), we’ll be able to help you. If you’re just here to bitch, then know that it will fall on uncaring ears.

You didn’t even tell us what input you’re trying to record from.

Can someone tell me how to delete this person’s message from the post I created?


The “this person” whose post you want to delete has given you a potentially useful response. You should read it. Audacity DOES work. YOU are doing something that is preventing it from working. Please try to understand that. Once you understand that, you will find that people here are perfectly willing to help you get Audacity to do what you want, if it can.

But, this specific forum is NOT set up for the kind of problem you are describing. This forum is set up for questions/suggestions relating to the forum itself, which really should be obvious from its title. In other words, the colors it’s displayed in, the way the actual usage forums are organized, etc. This forum is NOT for ANY problems people might have with USING Audacity itself.

To find the correct forum to post in, look through the “Board Index” for the version of Audacity you have downloaded, either “Stable”, or the work-in-progress, “Unstable”; you should then post your question in one of the forums listed under the one that you have downloaded.

The instructions in either of those sections (Stable, Unstable) contains this useful sentence:
"Please post ALL specific questions about usage of Audacity in the … forum below for your operating system. " In other words, first find what version you’ve downloaded, then find the forum which is for your particular operating system, then post your question THERE.

And by the way, it sounds like maybe you haven’t selected the correct INPUT in Audacity to capture sound from, as both the Sound Recorder AND Audacity can in fact capture sound from other sources than just the speakers (I’m assumming you mean you are recording from the MICROPHONE for sounds that are coming from SPEAKERS, which is inherantly sub-optimal). You could select as input, for instance, “Line In”, “Microphone”, “Aux Line In”, or either the Mono or Stereo “Mix”, which I have found works to record from youtube.


I have windows vista, i cant pick stereo mix like the youtube tuturiol video says becaused its greyed out, but i changed the prefences (I tried all combinations of the options given), i already went to the link from this site that explains how to do it, audacity records from the speakers so i lower the volume or just put it on mute, it wont record anythin, it sounds faded just as if i were to record from the sound recorder found under entertainment on all programs for windows, Is there Any way to record without using the speakers(like if i turn off all volume from my laptop) so the quality of the music sounds exactly as the streaming audio being recorded from also without sounding like it’s fading?

I’ll answer your question, but stop using the wrong forum or I’ll start moving your threads.

This wiki page has all the info you should need about using Vista:

The most important thing to note is that if you can’t access the Stereo Mix option, you will need to activate it using Window’s audio software. If Windows audio software won’t let you do that then the problem is with your sound card drivers, not Audacity. No other audio program will let you do that unless it bypasses the sound card altogether. TotalRecorder Pro can do this, but it doesn’t run in Windows Vista (it’s also not free).

At this point you only have 2 options:

  1. Run a cable from the Line Out to the Line In and set Audacity to record from the Line In.

  2. Buy a new sound card.