im looking for ideas tips answers help anything to help me record clearly please and thank you.


That’s too broad a question. It depends on what you want to record, how you want to record, what your budget is, and a million other factors.


try looking at the Audacity Wiki, Tutorials and Tips:


WELL IM JSUt trying to record vocals for a song and i want to hear my voice as clear is possible or at least decent and i budget 300$ :smiley: thanks for helping


One more little push. Which computer do you have (of the three major groups) and do you have a reasonable soundproofed room? Have you ever tried to record voices before? Most people have no idea how noisy their life is until the first time they really listen and try to find a quiet room.

I recorded voices for a theatrical short once and I was reduced to setting up with furniture moving quilts in an empty room the company hadn’t moved into yet. I had to place the microphone in the magic place where the two air conditioner noises canceled out.

One guy in the office started recording in his well padded car. Another trick is to record with your setup on your bed. Most bedrooms are the quietest room of the house especially if you have carpeting. It doesn’t matter what microphone you’re using if the 3:34 Lincoln-Venice Metrobus can be heard in the background.

One set of recordings was done with a Shure Brothers SM-58 microphone and an old Tascam M-06 st mixer plugged into my Mac PowerBook. The Mac analog Line-In works really well, but it has no Mic-In. Most PC sound cards are awful. Some people like the Samson USB microphones. Google for complaints. They’re not for everybody.

The Left-Right sound clip was recorded on my BeautyRest Mattress at home. The microphone hasn’t been made in 35 years.

Good luck,

Oh, one more. A pop and blast filter is a must.

Or you can stretch a nylon stocking over a coat hanger pulled into a circle. Pantyhose works, too.


Also worth considering “stand alone” portable recorders such as the Zoom H2 - they have the advantage of being completely silent in operation, and are portable. They are not really suitable for “close mic’ing” song vocals, but are great for ambient recordings.


A friend of mine uses one of those. He’s very pleased with it. Those have the advantage of walking into a shoot with your studio in your pocket. Your studio electronics are in your pocket. The quiet room is still a problem. I don’t know what it does wrong, but nobody I know is using it for primary vocal work.

There is one serious H2 shortcoming that everybody finds immediately. You can’t shoot live and adjust the volume at the same time. No reaching over and turning the volume down if the suddenly energetic performer gets louder. You overload and reshoot.