Any quick way to change balance in a selection?

I have some old WAV files in which the vocals are sometimes centered but at times move abruptly off-center (due I think to the original file author having combined separate tracks that were balanced differently to each other). Is there a simple way to correct this, e.g., by selecting the off-center portion, changing the balance slider, then “applying” that change to just that selection? (Pressing Enter doesn’t work.) That would be way more elegant than having to split the file into numerous tracks, rebalance each one separately, than recombine them all again.

I’m using Win10 1803 and Audacity 2.3.2 for now.

In a word, no.

But for inspiration, see: Splitting and Joining Stereo Tracks

and “Explicit Mixing and Rendering” here:

Oh well, that’s what I suspected. Any chance of that becoming a feature request?

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll definitely check out those links; much appreciated!

There is a stereo-tool plugin which can rotate the entire stereo image:
enabling any part to be moved to the centre …
However all the other parts will change their position in the stereo-field.
(i.e. their relative positions are fixed).