Any quick way of doing an Automatic Level Control recording?

Is there any quick way of doing an Automatic Level Control recording, by having the song start out as loud as possible?
Is there a way to get Audacity to automatically export a song by starting out with the highest level recording without distorting the song?

  1. I have the “Gain” set to 36 db for example.
  2. While the song exports it scans the wave.
  3. If the wave scans a red clipping signal, that would be played in the peak meter, then the “Gain” is set down to one level to 35 db.
  4. If “Gain” level 35 db is still a clip signal, then the “Gain” is set down to another one level to 34 db, 33 db, 32 db, etc. until that peak meter is not a clip.
  5. It keeps exporting the song at the level that does not have a clip.
  6. When it has scanned the whole wave, the “Gain” has gone done to the lowest number like maybe 0 db , -1 db, or the lowest db number as possible (without clipping), while exporting the whole song.
  7. So the exported song is suppose to start out loud in the beginning and then turn down the db level, when there was clipping in the song, so that the whole song has no clipping at all.
    Is there a program, that can do this, while you export the song?
    Some cassette recorders that did not have the Dolby Noise reduction system, would record like this, by using the Automatic Level Control.
    When I would do this manually, I would have to export several parts of the song into different .wav files.
    Sometimes it would take me like 100 to 200 different .wav files, to get the “Gain” level dropped down on each .wav file, which would take a long time.
    I am hoping for a quicker way to do this kind of method recording or exporting. Or where I could set the “Gain” to 24 db and have it go down .001 db, every time, there is a clip in the song.

No, not with Audacity.


The approach to take with Audacity is to set your recording level low enough at the start to guarantee that the recording does not clip.
Then, when the recording is complete, use the Amplify effect with the default settings. This will bring the level up as high as possible without clipping.

Thanks for letting me know. I was hoping to get to know a quicker way method, but I will have to do the recording by hand, which takes a while, but that’s okay.
I can try out the amplify method, or even try out the hard limiter method.