Any presets for bass removal and

Hi all, I am a tech novice and most of the names sound like Chinese to me.
Try to find a way to easy remove too much boomy bass. For too much high pinch I use “Fix Clipping”, what works for me.
Are there any recommended plugins that auto run for both Bass and high pinch? I looked at a list of plugins - oh boy - non of the names tell em anything.
BTW: Even with my limited knowledge - I like Audacity a lot. Any link where to donate? Live on workmans comp and can"t do much, but hope a few $ support this.

Select the whole show by clicking just above MUTE.
Effect > Bass and Treble…

That’s the rough equivalent of the bass and treble controls on your music system plus simple volume.


Any link where to donate?


Tks, done Transaction ID: ************99303

??? do not see any MUTE button, therefore nothing to click above ???

Audacity can edit many tracks at once. To select the track you want to apply the effect to,
left-mouse-click on the panel with “Hz” on it, immediately-above the “Mute” & “Solo” buttons .
The selected track goes dark-grey …
To select track, left mouse-click on panel above 'mute'solo' buttons'.gif

Thank you! :smiley:


Thanks, found MUTE. But clicking above does only act when I click on the triangle and the is a NORMAl and Bandwith but no bass presets

Clicking on the nearest black triangle shows the drop-down-menu for that track , clicking on the triangle doesn’t select the track.
There are other ways to select the track (or part thereof) where you want to apply an effect ,
see …[b]audacity_selection[/b].html

Thanks, my mistake. Maybe it is my brain or the second language problem, but I Have to admit that I do not get it!